The inverter is done bad, the houses are burned!

Photovoltaic systems include components, brackets, combiner boxes, distribution cabinets, inverters, cables and other accessories, which only the inverter as the brain “CPU”, with proactive detection and prevention capabilities, when the grid failure or component malfunction , the inverter will be sampled by the current sensor and voltage to make timely judgments, indicating “executing agency” contactor or breaker opens to protect the personal safety, power, equipment and so on.

The inverter inside AC contactors, DC circuit breakers, AC circuit breaker, where they are installed in different functions are not the same, AC contactor assume regular boot off the action, usually to first reduce the power inverter, AC contactor will begin operations. DC circuit breaker main role is to disconnect between modules and inverters, when the component or DC cables short circuit, grounded; inverter bus capacitors, IGBT short circuit occurs, it must be removed from the DC switch.

From a security point of view, the inverter input DC switches and AC switches are made of molded case circuit breakers, circuit breakers with automatic over-current and short circuit protection. When the inverter short circuit fault occurs, can timely make solar battery positive and negative pole to separate, cut off the power grid and inverters contact.

Now some of the inverter in order to reduce the cost, the load switch and fuse the mode to replace the circuit breaker, brought a great hidden danger to the grid and solar modules.

Due to the short circuit solar component is about 1.06 times the rated current, while the minimum fusing current fuse is more than 1.2 times the rated current, so when the inverter short circuit fault, DC fuse would not have blown, solar component will produce a short circuit. If not promptly treated, a fire may occur.

It is strongly recommended that you select regular inverter factory manufactured products, the only way to protect the inverter and you other equipment! Our company produced the inverters have quality assurance, We provide both off-the-shelf and customized design service, OEM or ODM service for your choice! Welcome to consult the discussion!


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