News and Policies for PV inverter

In 2011, both Germany and China decrease the subsidy for PV industry, which influencing development of PV industry negatively. Nevertheless, this is a good sign of PV industry. It implies that PV industry walk out of government’s swaddle. The drive force of PV industry switched from subsidy to cost. Negative impact of new subsidy policy will only last for a short time.

Wang Sicheng, a researcher from energy research institute of SDRC, claimed that total PV installation volume in China would reach 100GW in 2020, because of the explicit cost decrease trend. Zhao Wenyu, the vice chairman of China Renewable Energy Institute, predicted that annual installation volume in 2011 will be 500~700MW in China. All these indicate a fast growth of China PV inverter industry in future.

On Mar. 11th, earthquake in Japan resulted in a nuclear leakage. On Mar. 12th, Zhang Lijun, the vice minister of environment protection minister, claimed that this leakage accident will not change the plan and development of Chinese nuclear power. Although nuclear power strategy in China will not be easily changed, this tragedy raises public concern about safety of nuclear power plant in worldwide range. In short term the fast development of nuclear power will be constrained. Solar power will benefit from this accident.


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